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**Please run WAC as admin or it won't download any articles. Also it will show trial message and will download same articles for ever niche or keyword in second try too.

Pre-Download Information

WAC is a windows only software and needs .net framework 4.0 to run. It generates English content only (except in GSA projects where it generates German and Polish fields too). You can download a trial copy of the software from below to see if it works on your machine or not. Please note that the trial is fully functional but will download first 60 articles for any keyword or niche that you use.

No matter how many times you use a keyword, it will download same first 60 articles for that keyword or niche. This limitation prevents abuse of our content database. Also your trial copy will expire after 48 hrs. of running.

With full license WAC will download 150-200 random articles for any keyword or niche. It costs only a one-time fee and you get free lifetime updates. There is no monthly subscription or any other hidden charges.

Purchase A License - $60

**After making a purchase you will get your license copy. Put it in license field in settings window to remove trial license.

Are You Getting A Virus Alert Message ?

The virus warning is a false alert. All development is done in-house and we won't put virus in a commercial software.

You can see a virus total report here : Virustotal Report 1

If your anti-virus is not letting you download the setup file, then download this zip file and extract it anywhere you would like to install WAC.

Download ZIP Setup File

The virus total report for zip file is here : Virustotal Report 2


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