Wasting Too Much Time Finding Content ?

Welcome to Wicked Article Creator

The software has been created by a team of blackhat professionals who have worked with almost all kinds of tool - senuke, xrumer, gsa, moneyrobot etc.

All those tools build backlinks but there are hardly any tools which help you build content. This software will help you do exactly that. It comes loaded with over 4 million articles and 450 niches. It helps you to build highly spun content which you can use with any link building software.

WAC can build over 50 highly spun articles (where each article has atleast 5 inside it) within few seconds. Our database system is unmatched.

How Does WAC Work?

Step 1 - Select Database And Search

WAC comes with 2 databases - Ezinedb and sooperarticles. Ezinedb allows you to search content based on your keyword, while sooperarticles allows you to search category based content.

If you choose ezinedb then you can enter keyword and niche will be disabled, and if you select sooperarticles then keyword will be disabled and niche will be available.

Everytime you click search, WAC will download 200 articles when it matches the search criteria. You can download from both databases.

Step 2 - Build Article

After WAC has loaded content, just click on Article button and it will build a highly spun article. It will open a new window with that article loaded.

The output window has options to preview the spun content. Just click on preview button and it will load a new version of that spun article. You can save both spun and normal article.

If you build multiple articles at once, you can choose them in output window. You can also save all of them in a folder.

Step 3 - Settings And Extra Features

WAC uses in-built spinner to save time and cost. You can change the quality of spinning from light to heavy. In light spinning less words are spun whereas in heavy more words are spun.

You can also choose how many articles to build and if each article should have titles as first line.

WAC also provides options to extract keywords and titles in spun format from loaded articles. You can use these anyway you want.

Have A Look At Our 450+ Niches

Purchase Instructions

You will receive wac download link after making the payment.

After making purchase we will send you your license code to your email id.

You will have to download WAC and then open license.txt and then insert your license.