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What Do You Get With WAC 4.2 ?

  • Site Scraper - Scrape titles, headlines or paragraphs from any site
  • One Click Spinner - Use WAC spinner or Spinrewriter to spin articles
  • GSA API - Build complete project data or tiered projects for GSA SER
  • Article Templates - Change the output format of the ultra spun articles
  • Image & Video Scraper - Scrape images and videos on any keyword
  • Title Builder - Generate titles from our own unique title database
  • One Time Cost - WAC has one time cost and free life-time updates

Our Cloud Database Of Content Has Following Niches Available

Plus We Have Another Database With Over 3 Million Articles On Atleast 12 Million Keywords

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Change log of WAC

WAC has been updated almost every month or two since it's launch, and we will keep updating it in future also. You can see our change-log below.

  • 30 Nov 2017

    WAC 4.2

    1) Select articles containing or not containing your keywords
    2) Remove selected articles
    3) Export built articles with titles and keywords to our API
    4) You can now export spun articles using spin rewriter API
    5) You can now merge multiple articles together to create bigger articles

  • 01 Oct 2017

    WAC 4.1

    1) GSA Project would remove a letter error fixed
    2) Now when you select a niche, database changes to niche
    3) Empty space after first bracket error fixed
    4) Build articles from lines feature added
    5) Now when you save a GSA project you can enter a name
    6) Alt code and image height, width option added
    7) Batch spin multiple articles feature added

  • 22 Jul 2017

    WAC 4.0

    1) Site scraper improved
    2) Spin Rewriter API added
    3) Transfer articles from main to api spinner
    4) 5 templates added
    5) GSA export method changed
    6) Generate uniques and export
    7) HDD tier 1 working improved

  • 10 Mar 2017

    WAC Database 3.0

    WAC Database 2.0 completely deleted and replaced by Database 3.0 with fresh articles from over 450+ niches. Two websites completely scraped and merged together.

  • 23 Dec 2016

    WAC 3.9

    1)Dead article directories removed
    2)Licensing method changed
    3)GSA multi tier project builder added
    4)Niche Database added for all users
    5)Export articles to zip file

  • 08 Jul 2016

    WAC 3.8

    1)GSA output API has been changed. You need 3.6 to work with it
    2)Tier 1 update now removes links from articles
    3) 4 article websites fixed, 2 added, 3 removed

  • 04 Feb 2016

    WAC 3.7

    1)Added a feature to remove titles not containing keywords
    2)A module has been added to generate uniques from spun articles
    3)Any site scraper and advanced scraper have been tweaked

  • 18 Aug 2015

    WAC Database 2.0

    WAC Database 1.0 completely deleted and replaced by Database 2.0 with fresh articles from over 450+ niches.

  • 23 Apr 2015

    WAC Database 1.0

    WAC Database 0.0 completely deleted and replaced by Database 1.0 with fresh articles from over 450+ niches.

  • 16 Aug 2014

    WAC 3.6

    1)GSA multi project creator has been added for premium users.
    2)WAC database has more articles added and re-indexed for better searches

  • 08 May 2014

    WAC 3.5

    1) GSA translation bug fixed
    2) Tier 1 bug about random character fixed

  • 06 Apr 2014

    WAC 3.4

    1) Tier 1 titles removed from MS, Senuke and UD campaign
    2) A lot of crashing caused by some text fixed for good
    3) Tier 1 can now have %links% tag and can build multiple articles at once
    4) Any Site Scraper added as a separate program so that WAC is not disturbed
    5) Another premium database of over 800,000 articles according to their niches have been added (we just bought somebody's database from BHW )
    6) Free translation for upto 10 languages where you don't need any google, yahoo or bing service. We will provide it for free to premium users. You will find a translation tab in auto-build window if you are an upgraded user.

  • 07 Nov 2013

    WAC 3.3

    1) We have added a right click find/replace in scraper which will replace any word
    2) You can now build multiple articles in Tier 1 and select spinning type too.
    3) Categories has been manually added to GSA categories section. Now it won't scrape from ezine but it will add from local database.
    4) Tier 1 HDD works in a different manner now. It will be made better in 3.4
    5) Various other bug fixes have been done for UD, Senuke and GSA campaigns.

  • 17 Aug 2013

    WAC 3.2

    1) quick access panel bug fixed where it just sits and does nothing after downloading
    2) Tier 1 made much better and more unique - all paragraphs will now have atleast 25 variations and you can now work with minimum of 30 articles (even though 50 should be good supply)
    3) Proxy connection issue solved for atleast 3 companies - proxy hub, and buyproxies. Please note that you will need completely dedicated proxies though to work or with semi- you will have to take chances.

  • 13 Aug 2013

    WAC 3.1

    1) Tier 1 and HDD tier 1 have been shifted to premium user accounts. You will have to upgrade to be able to use these.
    2) Proxy tester disabled for custom coding
    3) Negative filters selection added on right click
    4) Other selection criteria added like para count and word count
    5) Advanced scraper added to WAC. You will see a scraper button. Run it and click on tutorial for more info
    6) WAC will now start faster as some checks have been disabled
    7) More filters added internally to remove adult content
    8) Google safe search has been removed to allow building adult content

  • 01 Apr 2013

    WAC 2.87

    1) Settings save error - windows default location changed
    2) Proxy tester enabled for public proxies
    3) Magic Submitter module added
    4) Articlsnatch error fixed

  • 31 Mar 2013

    WAC 2.86

    1) Settings save error
    2) Proxy tester added
    3) Ultimate demon module
    4) Senuke sub domain bug
    5) Senuke campaign hang up fixed
    6) Auto build one with one error fixed
    7) Download progress message hang fixed
    8) Several other minor bugs fixed

  • 14 Mar 2013

    WAC 2.85

    1) Quick access panel was bugged
    2) Auto-Build export tool was not working
    3) Title builder copy to clipboard added
    4) Title builder minimum and increment changed to 10

  • 08 Feb 2013

    WAC 2.84

    1) relevancy settings save fixed
    2) category fails now gives an error
    3) url loader added - scrapebox now supported - i will create videos for this
    4) one-click quick access panel added for beginners
    5) wac gsa - %link% tag option added
    6) multiple unspun export added to auto-build
    7) senuke campaign builder added - impressive feature try it
    8) no more source ezinearticles or LINK or href tags
    9) gsa id in a text box
    10) senuke #links# added instead of %links% (wac default)

  • 23 Jan 2013

    WAC 2.83

    1) Settings is now saved in local file called wacsettings.txt
    2) Scraping safe search has been removed to allow adult keywords
    3) Massiv GUI changes - Black theme was hiding header tabs
    4) Auto-Build and HTML Magic is now multi-threaded
    5) LINK Tag replace now has wiki, bbcode and tag
    6) You can pair or merge all urls and keywords in link replace
    7) Research module permanently removed due to bugs
    8) Title Builder now has scraping and database merged
    9) Title Builder will now build titles in Capital Case
    10) WAC will now hit multiple search engines rather than single
    11) You can now see the update changelog in this window

  • 21 Dec 2012

    WAC 2.82

    1) Settings save error fixed on updating
    2) Downloading log displayed at the end of download
    3) Status updated for each action before downloading
    4) Stop button visuals changed
    5) Phrase level spinning fixed.
    6) Updates will show changes from 2.8.2 onwards while updating
    7) Add lines disabled while working in para mode
    8) Content keeps adding after stop being clicked - fixed

  • 16 Dec 2012

    WAC 2.81

    1) Following sites code fixed - goarticles, articletrader, streetarticles, selfgrowth and articlecube
    2) Youtube code fixed
    3) Relevancy/Duplicates bug resolved
    4) HTML strings will now be decoded at at a better rate
    5) Curly braces {|} removed in scraper mode. They are not added in lines mode too.
    6) Incomplete modules (scraper and wac-sync) removed from wac xtra tab

  • 22 Nov 2012

    WAC 2.8

    1) Stop button has been added - Whenever the text changes to scraping articles you will see a stop button on lower left side of main screen. Clicking it will immediately stop all downloading
    2) Default settings changed for new users
    3) WAC proxies code changed. I have added a third party script to use proxies. Note : If you use ip authentication then add proxies like this :
    4) Keyword in scraper not showing when in caps fixed
    5) Title scraper changed to datagrid and more sites have been added. There are now 30 sites for title scraping
    6) You can now export articles in simple txt format from the datagrid in scraper. Just right click and click on export. You can export normal or spun articles (phrase level spinning)
    7) Senuke preview word length error fixed
    8) Links websites removed from datagrid in scraper. Let me know if you still see them though
    9) Removed {|} from datagrid which was causing problems in para mode
    10) Datagrid export bug fixed. Let me know if it exports in correct format. Try importing and tell me if you see any error or empty field
    11) Reset button added in settings window
    12) Builder section has it's own right click options for cut-copy-paste.

  • 07 Nov 2012

    WAC 2.7

    1) Para mode and line mode separated
    2) search engine method now has 31 article sites and article directory has 10
    3) adsense code and other bugs removed
    4) no more lines with "" in them as certain urls were getting added
    5) WAC Launch error about boolean and string values fixed
    6) First and last paras can now be added in para mode
    7) Export/import all your articles in a xml file
    8) GSA API has been added
    9) GSA 5 more fields added and foreign language content made smaller to prevent long content errors
    10) Yahoo image scraper fixed
    11) Error messages improved so that new users understand what they mean.
    12) Sub domains and tag scraper fixed in social network and other modules

  • 25 Oct 2012

    WAC 2.6

    1) Goarticles error fixed
    2) Article downloaded message fixed
    3) Calculate button fixed
    4) Html styles and errors removed
    5) GSA module settings fixed
    6) Content scraper module has two main functions added - select 3-4 articles and click on instant spin to spin those articles together and double click on any article to open it in wac spinner
    7) Builder settings max field checked and saved
    8) Spin all button added to auto-build to spin all the articles together
    9) SE method added - Scrape google and yahoo for articles - This gives much more articles
    10) Relevancy added - Check how many times your keyword comes in the article
    11) website list increased from 7 to 36
    12) Insensitive unwanted and relevancy added
    13) WAC will auto-login and check for updates too. So now you will get updates much faster.
    14) Google adsense and analytics code removed
    15) Remove lines more than a specific length feature added
    16) Number of threads now under your control
    17) WAC upgrades won't remove your settings now

  • 06 Oct 2012

    WAC 2.5

    1) Line spinning now introduced - Which means more uniqueness but more lines are needed.
    2) Image scraper adult sources removed - javascript errors
    3) Login screen previous version error
    4) Dedicated and public proxies support added - login retries improved
    5) GSA Export code re-written. Please try now and let me know if it works
    6) Auto-Build variations bug fixed
    7) Builder settings max field checked and saved
    8) %LINKS% tag adjusted in line spinning mode
    9) Settings can now be exported and imported
    10) Senuke modules fixed - Variations bug removed
    11) BMD tags and title fields changed
    12) Proxy loading verification added - Wrong format gives error
    13) Sentence now first breaks at "!" and "?" and then "."
    14) Duplicates removal made blazing fast
    15) Content scraper HTTP errors fixed.
    16) 3 more sites added to wac-main scraper so now you will get more articles for less ips

  • 28 Sep 2012

    WAC 2.4

    1) Random number of lines and paras in each article
    2) Multiple %LINKS% tag in each article
    3) Youtube problem fixed forever - Now whenever it changes all you need is the tag in settings
    4) Senuke module changed to social network, article directories and press releases
    5) Ability to add a list to any article in social network or auto-build window. (This list is created from downloaded content only)
    6) Ability to add sub-headings (These are title builder titles but work great)
    7) Add as many images and videos you want using tools tab in auto-build window (each page will give different results)
    8) Social network module gets tags, sub-domains and titles by itself
    9) Replace link tag by your HTML link tag in auto-build and social network window
    10) GSA module added for WAC - Generate each major field like article, comments and description automatically - Supports translation

  • 20 Jun 2012

    WAC 2.3

    1) Content Scraper has been fixed
    2) Senuke, AMR and BMD magic tools are fixed
    3) Author Bio feature added
    4) API access enabled to access article from the database
    5) TBS database can now be used without any license requirement of TBS
    6) Youtube and Yahoo image scraper fixed
    7) HTML Magic and Auto-Build bugs fixed
    8) DB Magic feature added
    9) Goarticles scraper engine fixed
    10) Settings window now has individual setting for each module

  • 02 May 2012

    WAC 2.2

    1) Auto Build algo changed to dataset
    2) WAC HTML Magic updated
    3) Relevancy tab made faster
    4) Content scraper mouse problem fixed
    5) Image scraper changes made
    6) Super Spun module implemented
    7) Copyright and other trademark content removal fixed
    8) Few HTML characters fixed
    9) WAC Research scraper problem fixed
    10) Content Scraper tab added in settings
    11) ALN and UAW modules removed

  • 20 Apr 2012

    WAC 2.1

    1) Ezine and Goarticles has been added to title scraper
    2) Content Scraper now has Save Titles only button
    3) Auto Build - Build more than one article or as many as possible
    4) Auto Build - Remove used lines in each articles
    5) Proxy load error fixed
    6) Relevancy tab introduced for WAC Research (through settings)
    7) Insert %LINKS% tag fixed in auto-build and WAC research
    8) View multiple titles in auto-build window
    9) WAC Research stuck words and HTML tag errors fixed
    10) Status tab introduced in Content Scraper

  • 08 Mar 2012

    WAC 2.0

    1) WAC Research Module - Download content from high quality sites and build HTML articles
    2) WAC Spinner - Removed certain functions which were buggy
    3) Auto Build made faster - Now it gives only one article in a separate window
    4) Main content downloading sources increased
    5) Private Proxies support added
    6) Phrase level spinning made much more faster
    7) 18 sites added to scraper list - Now you can choose the sites
    8) Youtube display results change fixed
    9) Plus 7 small bug fixes with GUI and framework

  • 08 Feb 2012

    WAC 1.5

    1) Simple Wizard content not showing problem fixed
    2) WAC Spinner module added
    3) Insert %LINKS% module added
    4) Auto-Build module optimized to give better spun articles
    5) PLR Locator threading problem fixed
    6) WAC Title Builder more variations added
    7) WAC Database now has over 400,000 phrases and synonyms and over a million words

  • 10 Jan 2012

    WAC 1.1 Patch

    1) Minor server changes fixed and multi-threading tweaked.
    2) Form resizing problems fixed
    3) Progres Bar display problems fixed

  • 21 Dec 2011

    WAC 1.1

    1) Load more replaced with number of pages
    2) WAC Magic Wizards added
    3) Removed HTML garbage content
    4) One-Click content creation made much simpler
    5) WAC Title Builder module added
    6) Author Box / About Me section added
    7) Youtube Video Spin problem fixed
    8) PDF, DOC Export problems fixed
    9) Un-Spin and Multi-Generate modules added

  • 06 Dec 2011

    WAC 1.0

    WAC released in 2011 Dec with the ability to download articles and then create highly spun articles which were upto 99% unique and passed copyscape and have no hard time getting indexed.

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This program is excellent, probably the best content app money can buy at the moment, I have not found anything as simple and fast, all you need is a KW to launch an entire campaign..

Its amazement.

Leak, BHW User

Straight to the point,this tool is simply great.

It can save your lots of time in scraping+spinning articles.

Also,Auto-description,etc. generation for tools like BMD is simply awesome.

Also,for this price,its a steal.

Youssfy, BHW User

I love this tool so much, it's a great time saver. It generate me some super highly spun articles. Copyscape found only 5-15% matching content and this is great for a automation Tool.

Con1337, BHW User

I am so happy i got this. I was building my web 2.0 articles in a very similar fashion but i had to go through 5 ubots, an external file joiner 2 ZP templates and a custom build C# application.
Now i get more with the click of few buttons!!!

Thank You.

Strovolo, BHW User

Great software!

I was spending $15 to get 50 spintax articles for each of my GSA campaigns. But now I can put those $15 towards things that can really improve my submission stats.

You have made a great software!

Would highly recommend it to everyone that uses GSA and other SEO tools.


IamNRE, BHW User

Just want to say how much I LOVE your software. And, most of all, your commitment to new features and bug fixing. I use it almost every day.

Thanks for all your hard work! Love this way better than other content tools.


CoryW, BHW User

I purchased this last week, and It has turned out to be a really powerful software. I love the fact that you have incorperated a article spinner. There's NO NEED FOR TBS ANYMORE.
Not only does this create link building content for me, it spins it all, and it is very useful for spinning my unique articles too.

Thanks for creating this one guys


SeoSupport, BHW User

Tool is beyond awesome. Can use it for some tier 1 content on already established web 2.0s (I wouldn't recommend fresh web 2.0s. Those are more closely viewed and a mistake with spinning could send them to the pits!).

GSA integration is awesome awesome awesome. Grab articles for a chosen keyword or several and you have a project ready to go! Click the GSA module... export to database. Upload to GSA via autofill and it fills in all areas as needed. GREAT GREAT GREAT for tier 2 and beyond links.

For my tier 3, I'll load 300 articles from the WAC database and scraping. I'll export 100+ articles to a folder and then import that to GSA. Boom... I'm set for the next several months with GSA TIER 2 and 3 content with about 10 minutes of work!

Very glad I bought it, even more so since I figured out how to do the tier 1 content stuff!

A+++. Worth every penny. Use it every day.

TheSeoKraken, BHW User

This a great article toolbox.
I have a lot of online properties for backlinking and cloaking and need content all the time.
I use a couple of tools for scraping and creating content but this little gem combines some of them in one easy package.

The content created with this tool is great for SEO purposes. It scrapes, it spins, it rearranges and more, creating a pretty
unique piece of content. At the highest level of uniqiueness not exactly human readable but great for your Web2.0 properties build to get backlinks.
Absolutely helpful is the option to embed videos and images. Google loves that.

There's an option to format everything for some of the major submitters out there. Just a matter of copy/paste.

Blackhit, BHW Mod

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About WAC

  • q-iconCan We Use WAC Content On Our Website ?

    WAC has been created to generate spun content for link building tools such as Senuke, GSA SER, Ranker X etc. So no do not use WAC database content on your own websites. However in future we will be adding a feature to build good quality content for your websites.

  • q-iconHow Spun Is An Ultra Spun Article ?

    One ultra spun article consists of 5 paragraph where each paragraph is build from 25 different paragraphs. So each ultra spun article has 125 paragraphs spun on word level and hence the output is very unique.

  • q-iconAre These Ultra Spun Articles Copyscape Passed ?

    Majority of them – yes. We use WAC for ranking some of our own websites and also use WAC generated content on tier 1 backlinks because we trust the technique of spinning behind it. Also our websites have over 45,000+ backlinks indexed which means this content works.

  • q-iconCan WAC Content Be Used On Tier 1 Backlinks ?

    It depends on your project type and your risk tolerance. No doubt it is risky but we use it. Half of our project use quality PBN links (human written articles) and rest use GSA or other tool spam links and they work fine. But you should try and remain safe and only use WAC content on tiered projects (tier 2 onwards)

  • q-iconIs This One Time Purchase ? Are There Any Other Charges ?

    WAC is one-time purchase and lifetime update software. There is no monthly recurring charge and no other hidden charge. Once paid you can use all features advertised here without paying any extra money.

  • q-iconWhat Are Trial Limitations ?

    The trial version of this software will download same first 60 articles for every keyword or niche. When you buy a license you will get different articles on each download. Plus the trial will expire after 48 hrs. of usage. This is to prevent abuse of our online database.