WAC Change-Log

We Keep WAC Updated For Our Customers


11 November 2016 – WAC Update

1) WAC installer will now install in c:\wac by default

2) The GUI skin has been changed to make it look more modern.

3) We have added a new tools section on top. It has a title builder and GSA tier feature.

4) From now on if content is not found, WAC will show the same instead of Object reference not set.

5) You can now build GSA tier projects from WAC – read this : Setup GSA Tier

6) You can now save GSA projects as GSA projects or text files from WAC itself (we are working on adding API back to GSA)


4 September 2016 – WAC Update

1) WAC download – used to download from both keyword and niche. Now you can choose type above keyword.

2) You can now export content as xml, text and zip file

3) GSA content builder module added – You can now export upto 20 fields to a text file.

4) You can double click on any row and edit that article in new window.


27 August 2016 – WAC Launched