GSA SER Setup Tiered Projects

GSA search engine ranker allows you to create tiered projects. The main project will build links to your url and the tier project will build links to your main project backlinks. When you setup a tiered project in GSA it looks like this :


Setting up such tiered projects help you in rankings but are a pain to do so. In this post we will learn how to use the GSA Tier feature in WAC to build such projects with ease.


1) Download Content

The first thing you do is download content on multiple keywords or from multiple niches. For tier projects you need atleast 500-600 articles downloaded in WAC which means you need to download atleast 8-10 keywords or niches. Since each keyword or niche gives atleast 100 article you will have a lot to work with.



2) Creating Tiers In WAC

Click on Tools -> GSA Tier. You will see a window like this :


There are three buttons in it. The module also adds a main project which you cannot delete. To begin just select the main poject (default one) and click on add. It will add a tier project. Now you can create more tier projects to main projects which will look like this :


If you want you can create tiers to child tiers too. Just select any tier and click on add button and a child tier will be created. It will look like this :


Now there are few things you can modify. You can change the name of the project. This will change the name of the file which will be saved. Also if you change the name of the main project (before adding child tiers) then all the child tiers will have same first name. This does not work when you have already added the child tiers.

You can also change the number of articles per project.

The main benefit of using this module is that it builds all the data and articles for each project, which you can then import in GSA search engine ranker. Click on build and then choose a folder. After the module has completed all the projects, the output folder will look like this :


If you notice there are two main types of file – .prj (which has all the data fields like comment, description, titles etc.) and .articles (which has all the articles in it).


3) Importing Tier Projects In GSA

To import these projects in GSA just copy-paste them in GSA project folder. Now restart GSA or click refresh in GSA project section, all these projects will be loaded in tiered format.


Before you click start please note that WAC does not put any url or anchor text in your main project so please edit the main project and put it there. Also in child projects make sure you put anchor texts, as the urls are loaded from main project backlinks.


4) Creating More Projects

Once you have created a single tiered project you can create more from it. There are two ways to do that :

a) In GSA right click on the main project and click on Modify -> Duplicate -> Everything. It will ask you for a name and after that it will ask whether you want to duplicate tiers as well.

b) You can also copy paste the projects in GSA project folder with different names. Click refresh in GSA and those duplicates will be loaded.


Now edit all the main projects and enter your url and anchor texts.

This works wonders if you want to create projects for multiple pages of single domain and want to keep all the projects separate from each other.


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